Top Ways for Making Perfect Grilled Steak

Summertime is one of the most popular times of the year when a lot of people will have a cookout for eating grilled steak. A common site during this time is a large group of friends or relatives gathered together eating grilled steak. The number of people that know how to make the best-grilled steak is not that high. There are many ways to go about making grilled steak using an infrared grill. Fortunately, anybody can be able to learn how they can cook the best-grilled steak. If you are using an infrared grill, then you should the recipe for making grilled steak that is discussed here.

If the steak that you want to grill is cold you should not begin grilling it. It is important to use steak that is ready to be cooked on a grill. In the event, you have not taken the steps that are required to make the steak ready for grilling you should not even grill the steak. The thing to do here is to remove the steak that will be cooked from the fridge. The ideal temperature for the grill to have is that of the room. There is a very high likelihood that your steak will burn when it is cold as you grill it. The best grill to use is the infrared grill.

A very important step to take is to season this steak first then grill it. The most basic seasonings that you should use are black pepper and kosher salt. It is ideal to salt your steak one day before the day you will grill it. You will have to pat the steak just before you cook it. After this you should season it some more. The ideal time to sprinkle the steak with pepper is after the grilling. Slating the steak before grilling means that the pepper will burn hence giving the steak an unpleasant flavor.

It is important that you only grill the steak on 2 levels of heat. This is something that should be done whether you are grilling the steak in an infrared grill or a gas grill. Since the first heat level is the highest, that is why you should place the steak first. It is ideal to finish cooking the steak on the second level because it has low heat. It is possible to check how done a grilled steak is by using a meat thermometer. You can do some research so that you are clear on how hot a done grilled steak is. After grilling it is advisable to let the grilled steak rest for a while before eating it.

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